Monday, August 27, 2007

Uray (Amaranthus spinosus)

Uray is a leafy green vegetable-weed that grows in various empty lots. Some sources say that varieties with spines are called uray while those without are called kulitis. Most say that they are one and the same. Whatever!

All I know is that, aside from having many medicinal qualities, it's very good in any dish that calls for spinach or other leafy greens. A pity so many people consider them to be garden nuisances.

My brother and I used to eat (imported and hulled) amaranth grain in place of rice, as it is high in protein as well as calcium, thus ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Manang Flor once told me that in some Bicol provinces, they collect the seeds of uray for use as a rice substitute in making native sweet delicacies. I've only seen this done with millet, and now I wonder if it really is possible with uray, as the local variety's seeds are tiny!

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Dennis Pasadilla said...

Meron akong 6 Uray plant na tanim, masarap din ito sa diningding.