Friday, October 30, 2009

General Overview Thing

It's good when your garden is resilient against manager-busy-ness. Things are still growing, and fast. Some parts of the garden are now more chaotic ("organized chaos") than ever, but hey, look at the false roselle:

It is not the "real" roselle, but a good substitute with sour leaves. I nicked this one from seeds in Nueva Ecija.

The evil-spirit-protection tuber (gabi-like) is finally peeking out of the betel leaves.

The patch of kamantigue came up nicely after the rains:

My collection of gingers is growing. Here's a langkawas I am about to transfer to a better place:

Large mushrooms from the rains:

And the most excellent bit of news: my achuete tree-ling, though barely up to my knee, is flowering and fruiting!

Some beans growing beside:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Two Gabis, All Grown Up

After about a month and a half, the two gabis I purchased from the market are grown up and ready for transplanting.

On the left is puti bilog (the rounder corm with white flesh underneath) and on the right is pula haba (elongated with pinkish tone of flesh). Same goes for the photo of the corms pre-planting, below. Explanation and direct translation of the names are available in the first post.

I suppose now I will go all proper noun on you and capitalize.

Puti Bilog produced a relatively light-colored leaf, with the undersides almost the color of aphids.

The stalks were also very pale.

Pula Haba had similar-shaped leaves.

However, its stalks had strips of purple.

The undersides also had a tinge of purple, not darkly colored veins, but kind of like a light crayon shading.

You probably can't even see that, huh?

Well, I was sort of hoping the leaves would be differently shaped, but there you go. I can't wait til the taste-test of the corms and leaves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toys, Refused

After the anahaw straw post, I've decided to attempt to document the stuff I find hurled over the wall that is between my garden and the children running around all day in the street. This is the "toy and toy part" bunch of late.

Sometimes I am able to toss a ball back over a few hours after it lands on my plants, but other times the elements have their way and it all ends up looking like a Tim Burton movie.