Friday, October 30, 2009

General Overview Thing

It's good when your garden is resilient against manager-busy-ness. Things are still growing, and fast. Some parts of the garden are now more chaotic ("organized chaos") than ever, but hey, look at the false roselle:

It is not the "real" roselle, but a good substitute with sour leaves. I nicked this one from seeds in Nueva Ecija.

The evil-spirit-protection tuber (gabi-like) is finally peeking out of the betel leaves.

The patch of kamantigue came up nicely after the rains:

My collection of gingers is growing. Here's a langkawas I am about to transfer to a better place:

Large mushrooms from the rains:

And the most excellent bit of news: my achuete tree-ling, though barely up to my knee, is flowering and fruiting!

Some beans growing beside:

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