Friday, August 13, 2010

Pasyonaryang Mabaho Flowers

Remember the Passiflora foetida? It had flowers, as I mentioned, and here were some pictures I failed to post because I was too busy. The above picture is the flower, already about to close up. It's only open in the morning, and then it curls up, getting progressively less attractive and more alien-like.

A closed-up flower, with exposed sticky bracts. Those are the ones that get insects stuck and eaten by the plant.

A fruit in progress:

By the way, after having extensively smelled the plant, I conclude that it wasn't stinky at all. It had a bitter smell, kind of what you expect a potent medicinal to smell like. Mildly pleasant even. Silly plant-namers.

Higad Time Again

Thanks to this blog, I've been able to track "seasons" in the garden. Higad season has been happening constantly from July-September, and they are munching away right now! Here are some photos.

Eating my nice Ilocos cotton seedlings, among other things: