Thursday, March 13, 2008

Encouraging Fecundity in Asphalt Country

(We have our little ways.)

Being back in San Francisco from a six week mini-journey through India, the amount of concrete surrounding me is still disorienting. Since then, I've been on a quest to lay the foundation for "humanizing" a particular street by putting some organic matter around the trees that line it.

The trees are of an unknown variety to me-- and to my "consultant", who lives on the street-- and apparently have lost all their leaves due to a phenomenon known as "winter". (In the Philippines, we have none of these four seasons, only wet and dry for us, and those are getting all messed up by global warming)

Said trees are planted in dry, hard patches of soil, which need some formerly-alive material to bring some microbial activity about. Incidentally, the apartment landlord seems to think that composting (as well as recycling) is unimportant and doesn't provide segregated bins for anything.

Food waste is then collected. After all, having them end up in landfills is just a waste of the process that all living things (even evil people and such) gift the Earth with-- decomposition into "new" and useful matter.

Using whatever tools were available (in this case, a large spoon), I dug the soil up, which was almost like 5-year-old sand left in a jar. It was horrible. Anyway, I just dumped the stuff in . I figured that putting twigs in would make it a lump, which in turn would attract too much attention.

So I left the plots to decompose and will be checking on it on Friday. Hopefully some herbs and flowers can color it up! Stay tuned. See photo below if you can spot one of the plots. (PS- I was not able to return to take photos of the place. Maybe sometime this year!)

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