Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rooting / Ornamentation

Over this summer (gone already, thanks Climate Change), especially in between trips, the status of little seedlings was always pretty bad. After India, the "nursery" population was alarmingly low.

So, I chose to root many things while waiting for the rain. Among these were the pandan and sampaguita babies, snapped from our garden and various landscaped public space, respectively.

I like to keep them in cups and put them around the house, as they give off a good smell and contribute to the overall appearance of life in dull corners. Little coaster above made of dried ipil-ipil pods.

Before I skip town, I fill the cups up really well.

Try to experiment with the plants. Some people have said "You can't grow that stuff from cuttings" and I come home to a bunch of white roots poking out.

PS- Some things have been making love on my curry tree.

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