Monday, June 30, 2008

Plants for Oakley's Cataract

My dog Oakley (above, in the garden) is an asong kalye. This literally means he's a "street dog", but it really just says he's a mongrel.

He's a mongrel, so he doesn't get sick as often as purebreeds. Recently though, he's developed cataracts in both his eyes! He's only 5 years old, so it's a bit alarming, but...

Gatas-gatas is a weed that has some milky white sap that comes out when you break the stems (gatas is milk in Tagalog, actually). This sap is good for cataract and eye problems. We have lots of it in the garden, so I took some and washed a lot of the plant matter in alkaline water and extracted the sap into a solution of Panlapu. Panlapu is a herbal preparation made with mayana or coleus and water. It's something of a preventive eye health thing and is hard to find. Some old man makes it, I bought it at an organic market once.

Since we've been putting drops in his eyes, his cataract isn't getting worse, and the black is sort of coming back. Hopefully we can fix the problem without giving him chemical meds.

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