Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Leaf Thievery

My dad used to have a term for my "stealing" other people's rubbish. Manyak, as a verb. Minamanyak mo na naman yung mga paso na basura ng kapitbahay (translating roughly into: You're maniacking the pots that the neighbors threw away). Routinely going through empty lots for salvageable materials is a habit leftover from childhood, when I had half a bookshelf devoted to "garbage".

Of course, it is most fun to steal leaves that people do not want. I use them to compensate for my lack of having a perpetually shedding forest in the yard.

My bike can carry leaves both in the basket and at the back, where a steel contraption kind of holds stuff down.

But I'm also learning how to drive now, in case of emergencies. It will probably be a useless skill once I finish lessons, gas prices being what they are. On a recent short drive home with our pick-up, I loaded the back with alibangbang leaves. Seems the stormy weather makes people scared of falling branches, so there is lots of pruned stuff for me.

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dharmadreams said...


You (this post) remind me of this blogger I follow- These Days in French Life on Flickr.

She has an amazing story of how she stopped working to simplify her life and be there for her child but managed to feed her family for FREE by going through her neighbors/markets trash bins for fruits/veggies that they didn't want.

She also has a garden and picks whatever ripe fruit or veggies daily.

You should read her, so inspiring! Link here: