Monday, January 26, 2009

Following Humans

One tool for plant survival is being tasty and/or useful to humans. We might (in this day and economic age) assume this means they make themselves yummy and therefore people can consciously propagate them. But your compost bin can give you surprising babies while you do nothing.

From peels of gabi (taro) and potatoes (above), babies came sprouting. From thin peels! Absurd. This means that though humans gut the root crops and stuff most parts of those into their bellies, they still propagate from our kitchen scraps, and therefore "follow" us around. Here I was planting chunks of potato "eyes" in the States, when I could get by with not more than a tiny bit. I'm kind of freaked out that the potato will rot because it's much wetter here, but I've got it in a dry spot and away from much sun. Haven't looked into growing them here much yet, and I have a feeling I can't just let it grow wantonly like I did in the US.

The gabi (above) is a different variety from the two that I've got growing.

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