Thursday, February 19, 2009


I mentioned last time that we have to keep a couple of chickens caged. According to Papa, it is because the free-range alpha male presence sometimes separates chicks from moms, and also he crows like a crazy fool in the wee hours of the morning. So they were demoted to a chicken cage under the kapok and coconut trees.

I generally feel bad for the two, especially the female. The male attacks her when there is food, trying to monopolize the supply. I try to supplement with grasses and berries from the garden, which they love. I have to be more systematic about bringing them there, though. Sometimes all they get is rice. We're not fattening them up to eat them or anything, apparently they are trying to keep the peace in the garden. But still!

There were three eggs deposited in the laying basket by the female a month ago, and they were still there the other day. I figured they were rotten, since she doesn't sit on them anymore. We took them and put them in some water. They didn't float, so we composted them.

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