Monday, April 13, 2009

Cutsoms in Gardening

Like many people, I talk to my plants. When I pick some leaves from them, I "ask permission" and apologize for the pain. When I am transplanting some, I wish them well out loud, that they will take root properly.

The farmer who gave me the pepper cuttings from the plant in the photo instructed me to do a little ritual while planting. In order for the pepper, which is a vine, to be healthy and begin to crawl on poles or plants, and also for it to send it roots fast into the ground, I had to cling to it with my two hands and say "Kumapit ka! (Cling!)". He demonstrated it very loudly and almost manically, and he looked like he was strangling someone.

Although the cuttings were lost somewhere between there and home, I will surely try to do it next time. These small rituals, if anything, make life more interesting.

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