Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tapilan and Some Corn

Hey hey, what do you know, the tapilan or rice bean have finally popped out. I planted them in somewhere and forgot about them and overhead, some cute yellow flowers started to poke out. I thought they were munggo, but when I grabbed some and opened up, found they were actually rice beans.

Since I only planted one in, I got a paltry harvest, but pretty good for no effort. They came out stubbier than the usual tapilan, and I definitely will be planting these in again more seriously.

I'm pretty busy now and have been trying to keep a decent nursery for less busy times. The chickens are still a challenge-- when you don't want to feed them, you can't cage them in (as they forage for food), but the payoff is really that they scratch the floor endlessly and eat stuff. These corn seedlings were nipped always by the chickens.

I tried to cover them with a badminton racket, but that didn't really work out properly enough.


Divine said...

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susan said...


i am from southern tagalog and we used to plant tapilan in our village in the '80s. we used to plant kadios as well.

it's a pity nobody from our place does anymore. tapilan tastes better than monggo for me.

tapilan used to be a staple vegetable in our locality. thanks for featuring this.

none said...

I sell tapilan/rice beans. you may text me at 09298869600