Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Kadyos Pod of the Year Yo

It's the first kadyos pod of the year from this new plant (seed from Sagada? don't remember), and the pods are mottled! Yes, they are. Very pretty.

Kadyos stands up very well to the heat. Should have put more in before summer started!


TeresaR said...

How neat! I am guessing they're related to the North American peas?

chiqui said...

so have you cooked them yet? will you do the KBL recipe of the Ilonggos?

Bea said...

They aren't related to American peas. They are pigeon peas, they grow on shrubs with leavs quite different. We eat them also dry (as do Indians).

Chiqui, I've cooked some already. I just usually sautee them with a little of sambong. They are so tender and pop in your mouth!