Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goat Updates, Flowers, and Rain!

The rain was strong today! It was frightening. It's around the same time of the year as Ondoy, and I'm getting anxious because things can grind to a standstill again, a whole metropolis paralyzed, cold, and relatively hungry. Cross fingers, catch the water that you can, stock reserves, plant.

But I have to say that the garden looks great! It gets so lush around this time. In particular, a clump of cogon grass that we have not been touching is huge! About three times taller than me and flowering. It is a source of amusement outside.

Our goat is pregnant, and her stomach is moving. She is really about to extrude a baby, and I'm really excited. The rain is complicating things, because they hate getting wet, and their shed cannot protect them from side sprays. We were thinking inside the house, but what a mess that would be.

This is the dude and he loves katuray:

And things are flowering! I don't remember so much color during rainy season.

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