Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oops, Did I Just Say Pee Is Good For Your Plants?

It's generally taboo, but many gardeners in the know secretly pee on their plants. For ethical purposes however, upstanding gardeners do not sprinkle on the leaves of edible herbs. Generally.

Now, I am not saying I feed my plants urine, or urinate on them. I have a career and a possible illlustrious future to safeguard.

I will, however, say that an unnamed person's pee has graced this yet-unidentified fat, healthy, and hydra-headed plant:

Compare its leaf growth and height to these three ones, which were planted even before it. I grew all of them from seed. The un-pissed on ones haven't even hydra-fied out at all! They are timid, though they get the same soil and sun:

Of course, the latter are three plants sharing one container, but I have investigated and found the single plant's roots have not creeped to the left-hand side of its receptacle. I have no side-view photos, but the lone one has grown way (like waaaay) taller! And it's even about to flower bright pink lovelies:

Feeding your plants urine requires polite discretion and one other consideration: dilute in water, as too much nitrogen is too much of a good thing, I'm afraid.


pee picking art said...

i know it is not good for some plants as the homeless nick nolte proved in richard dreyfus' garden and i have not noticed it in any of my special places. it couild also depend on what you swallow.

Bea said...

Perhaps yes it could do better with nitrogen hungry ones! And I am vegan and I can vouch for my piss being probably not as acidic as the rest of the population. Did I just incriminate myself?