Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Eggs

Female white chicken (named her Puti, secretly! she is not allowed to have a name as she will be eaten by Papa) is laying eggs all over the place. We have been finding them in different areas and putting them in the main basket.

Yesterday, the rooster-papa was perched on the basket (an old kaing for mangoes) while the ma was inside on the eggs.

He left when I went closer, and I may have stressed Puti out.

Later on, I found an egg in my experimental leaf-dumping area.

I'm not sure how long it's been there or if it's bugok or rotten, but I put it in with the others. This is somewhat a concern, because when they lay on the ground, they roll the bad eggs away. Since this one is up against the wall, I'm not sure how Puti will deal with rotten ones.

I'm trying to figure out why she is laying eggs all over the place and not just in the basket. Sometimes she does her birthing cluck in weird places like on a table full of wires and other scrap things.

Is this something that is like a hen's hedging policy against laying "all her eggs in one basket"? Would she even remember where she was laying the others? Are we right in gathering them all up in one place?

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