Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rain Can

As watering cans get messed up pretty quickly (cloggages, you have to twist the rainy part off and find frogs, etc inside), I decided to use an old can for a rain simulator. My dad and his girl tried canned coffee for a bit (didn't last), and I've been keeping the cans since they look nice and sturdy. I need this now especially as we're starting tender seedlings like lettuce up and it can't be the rushing big water from pails and such.

I learned this from my helper, who used it when she was with me in the guerilla gardening of the lot behind us. She also used the same method to make a grater for cassava-- although she flattened out the tin and put holes on the sheet, then used the textured holey side to make snacks.

So you take a nail and drive it through the bottom of a can of whatever size you need (balcony farmers can do with a small cute one). I used a small nail to make tiny holes for gentle "rain".

Keep doing that until you have a good number of holes in.

It works well! I just tipped it over to the side a bit, that's why it looks like the water is bunched up (it's not easy to take photos while watering plants). The method is good if you carry a bucket around the garden watering your plants. Just submerge your can in the bucket and quickly bring it over the bed. It's pretty fun because you feel like a god controlling a cartoon raincloud.

(That's my dad in the background.)

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