Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Raised Thingo From a Kaing

The kaing, or roughly woven bamboo container for fruit, is always in excess where I live, due to frequent fruit passage in and out of our home. They are basically disposable means to transport produce, and decompose pretty fast after a season or two. I decided to create a small raised plot of kadyos (pigeon pea), mayana (coleus), holy basil and tomato. Truth be told, I was running out of pots to plant things in, so I decided to plant a small bunch out into the soil.

I chopped off the bottom part of a kaing to make it short enough to be stable, and turned it over so the wider side is touching the ground. I placed the lopped off material inside the kaing so it can compost right into the soil.

Then I took cardboard and various pieces of paper that I save for mulch (old plane tickets, etc.). This kills off the grass under my little plot.

I then dump soil in. I've been collecting compost from the usual plots after the beautiful rains, and this bunch smells really good and is full of worms.

And I plant the stuff in! The first picture of this post shows a covered version. I stuck some branches in to deter the chickens from doing their plant-death dance here, and to hold palm leaves up to shade from the harsh Philippine sun. Eventually the kaing will rot away, which is just fine with me.

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