Monday, September 8, 2008

Exploding Egg

Oh dear.

I felt really bad last week, as I heard a loud bang from outside. Puti's egg had exploded, as evidenced by the smell (sourish festering) and some chicken cries of confusion and grief. I came out to see Puti balanced on the outer rim of the kaing, staring inside in total bewilderment.

Guilt came over me as I wondered if this was the egg I had placed in the kaing after finding it in the compost. I should have just let it be. I have no idea if this resulted in a mass splattering of some fungal infection on the other eggs. Even if Puti did know better, it was impossible for her to roll the egg out, as the nest is suspended above the ground and the walls are high.

Mind you, this is not my first experience with smelly exploding eggs!

We'll see how her brood turns out.

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